Pablo Esquivel’s Biography


My name is Pablo , I am Argentine , born in the coastal area in 1969 .

I was lucky to meet sensational places like New York , Buenos Aires , Rio de Janeiro , Sao Paulo , Valdivia and to French Polynesia. But the place that makes me feel more at home is Curitiba in southern Brazil .

I knew the Internet since its inception , a friend just arrived from Sweden told me of a new invention that would revolutionize all .

A short time later he was publishing my first work on the Internet .

Over the years I have developed different activities related to technology and the Internet .

One day searching on Google found my personal page in the first result of search engine , that time enriched ego realized how important this could be for the commercial aspect in business .

Since that day I dedicate to help companies appear better searched in Google .

My job is to establish or improve the online presence of businesses . For more on this visit the marketing agency .

I also give lectures on nonprofit institutions noble as they appear below.


I am proud to participate in these organizations:

GBG Curitiba

GBG Curitiba

Gather – Inform – Inspire

Google Business Group Curitiba is a community initiative of Google maintained by volunteers. It is geared to entrepreneurs of the city and region who want to extend or share their knowledge of the web to their commercial applications.

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LogosBr Marketing

LogosBr Marketing

Positioning on the Internet

LogosBr is a company offering online presence for its customers, ie greater visibility and better picture.

Online presence involves social networking, web pages and advertising campaigns.

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Marketing para Empresas

Marketing para Empresas

Digital Marketing on video

An initiative of various professionals and Curitiba region to disseminate knowledge and technologies available to the modern entrepreneur of videos up to 15 minutes format.
All material is offered for free.

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Comunidade Marketing Digital

Comunidade Marketing Digital

Learn and Share
Community to exchange experiences, opinions, articles, events and more. The community is made ​​up of professionals, students, consumers and others passionate about Digital Marketing.

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